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We continue to be Melbourne’s preferred broker by helping more and more Australians every year with obtaining finance that suits their needs and circumstances. Our dedication means working on your behalf so that you receive only the best rates, low fees and flexible loan options.

At Proffinance, our variable home loan rates gives you the flexibilty to pay off your home even sooner. Combined with an offset account, every dollar in your savings can work to reduce the interest on your linked home loan.

First home buyers

If you’re a first-timer we want to make the homebuying experience as simple as possible for you by detailing the end-to-end journey. Your eligibility for funding schemes is dependent on several factors:

  • The state or territory you want to buy in (each has its own conditions)
  • Yor price range – including potential costs and interest rates
  • If you’re an existing property owner.

You may also qualify for a one-off payment called the First Home Owner Grant and save on stamp duty.

House and land packages

A house and land package could be the ticket to your dream home. Although tailored to specific buyers, they generally involve two components:

  1. The loan for the vacant land, which operates in a similar way to a standard home loan. The amount you can borrow is generally up to 95% of the value of the land.
  2. Financing the construction of the house.


Refinancing is the process of repaying your current loan by obtaining a new loan, either through your current lender or a new one. It can provide you with more flexibility and savings on interest.

With the market currently experiencing increasing rates, refinancing might be the right option for you.

Bridging finance

A Bridging Loan is a short-term loan (typically up to 12 months) that covers the time between settling on the sale of your existing property and buying a new one. The longer it takes to sell your property, the more interest you’ll have to pay on your loan.


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Home loan calculators

How much can I borrow?

Use your income and expenses to estimate how much you may be able to borrow for a home loan.

Home loan repayments calculator

Work out how much your home loan repayments might be.

Upfront cost calculator

Estimate the other costs of buying a property, including government costs, stamp duty, and fees.